At Q2 Consultants, Inc. we are dedicated to helping our customers do it the right way, the first time , every time.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible in assisting them to be a better company.  We use a process approach to understand the processes that make up the organization, ensure sufficient control mechanisms are in place, assist in the allocation of resources, use appropriate monitoring and measurement tools, and then take appropriate action whether it be correction, corrective action, preventive action or improvements.


Q2 Consultants, Inc. looks at you organization as a set of inter-related systems and we work diligently to help you help yourself to integrate those systems (quality, environmental, health and safety, software, etc) into one complete system with common controls and resources.  This integration helps organizations to be more efficient byless waste and rework, less environmental issues subject to government fines or interventions and less safety issues resulting in a safer and less costly to manage health and safety program leading to a healthier bottom line.


Our belief system is that we do not need to make a killing, only a profit, and we do this by providing fair, reasonably priced and ethical services to our customers.  How you look, reflects on us, so we want you to look good, so we can look good too.  Our customers are our partners and their success is integral to our operations and philosophies. We do not offer or do any work that is not needed, and we do not penny pinch or nickel and dime our clients.  We charge a fair days pay for a fair days work, and hope that our customers take that same attitude with their customers as well

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